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Minecraft Gameplay, DLC and News Update: Pocket Edition Update Coming July 10? [Video]

Jul 10, 2014 01:42 AM EDT


"Minecraft: Pocket Edition" is an epic sandbox video game in which players build anything they want out of blocks. This flexibility has resulted in roller coasters, fortresses, and quaint villages being created by players via their smartphones or tablets.

Now the mobile version of the game, first released in 2011 for iOS and Android, is getting its largest update yet. It still won't be exactly like the PC and Mac versions, but players will be able to build more ambitious structures than ever before, without having to rely on a keyboard or mouse.

If you are tired of creating and exploring the world of "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" on a small screen, your creations can be transferred to the PC and Mac version.

Current players will welcome the addition of infinite worlds and caves being introduced in version 0.9.0. Other newcomers to the mobile platform consist of companion wolves, new blocks and items, a plethora of new flower types, and biomes ported over from the PC version.

The playing experience will be a lot smoother as well. This isn't because the graphics are better, we are talking about "Minecraft" after all, but rather because the game's developers eliminated some annoying bugs prevalent in the pocket edition.

Mojang shared the complete list of features and tweaks on their website. Game blog Polygon calls thisthe version's biggest ever.

Checkout some of the new features and worlds available in "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" v. 0.9.0 by watching the flyover teaser trailer below:

Internet commenters are thrilled by the changes Minecraft developer Team Mojang made. Among the most talked about new features are the infinite worlds.

YouTuber HampTheCoolest boasted that, "Hah! Even the Xbone and PS4 won't have infinite worlds! PCMasterRace/AndroidMasterRace."

HampThe Coolest is of course referring to the console versions of Minecraft. It's truly amazing that a portable game could have better features than its console counterparts.

Another commenter, RonnyGOBOOM, praised the limitless nature that this smartphone update will give him, considering that he'd run out of space in which to horde resources.

"WOW! that is HUGE! i am so impressed! My little world on my phone is pretty much fully tapped out of resources haha."

Gamers can buy "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" for $6.99 on iOS and Android devices. Users can also buy and install the full version of Minecraft for $26.99 on PC and Mac at Minecraft.net.

Are you looking forward to playing "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" v. 0.9.0 or do you prefer to mine on a PC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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