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Spending The Weekend Strolling Around Space—Spacewalking Aboard the ISS

Feb 22, 2015 05:18 PM EST

@Astroterry's First Spacewalk Aboard the ISS
(Photo : NASA)

How'd you spend your weekend? Bet you didn't have as great of a time as NASA astronaut Terry Virts, who clocked a couple of hours this Saturday, Feb. 21, in the void of space. While Virts and his colleague Barry Wilmore have been aboard the International Space Station for a couple of months now, the duo spent their weekend commemorating their first spacewalk with a collage of space selfies, posted on their Twitters.

Virt's first spacewalk lasted 6 hours and 41 minutes in the void of space, while Wilmore has thus far clocked 13 hours and 15 minutes on the project. Tasked with routing 360 feet of cable during their walks, the team continues its mission to rig the forward end of the International Space Station's Harmony module and Pressurized Mating Adapter-2 with power and data cables essential for future missions.

"The cable routing work is part of a reconfiguration of station systems and modules" NASA spokespersons say, "[designed] to accommodate the delivery of new docking adapters that commercial crew vehicles [such as SpaceX] will use later this decade to deliver astronauts to the orbital laboratory."

In total, NASA says that the astronauts aboard the International Space Station have spent 1,159 hours and 8 minutes assembling  and maintaining the orbiting lab, which includes 185 spacewalks to date. And they're not close to finished just yet. This Wednesday, Feb. 25, Virts and Wilmore will once again take a stroll around the International Space Station to roll out two more cables and work on its robotic arms.

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