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MacBook Pro 15 Inch Retina Product Review: Deals, Price, Specs, Pros and Cons that You Need to Know

Feb 27, 2015 10:06 AM EST


Here's our breakdown of everything you need to know about MacBook Pro 15 inch version.

Prices: It has two variants. The one with with 2.2 GHz processor and a 256 GB flash storage is available for $1,999 whereas the 2.5 GHz processor with a 512 GB flash storage is available for $2,499. 

Deals: Some serious deals can be had on the MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop. You can upwards of $500 of if you go here!

Pros: MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina has a brilliant display which reduces glare while maintaining amazing color and display. The 2880x1800 pixel resolution has a 1080p HD screen which ensures pixel-for-pixel accuracy and the screen looks as clear as a printed page. The battery seems to last forever with an amazing 9 hour backup. The 4th generation Intel core i-7 processor provides the fastest performance ever noticed in a MacBook Pro. It has very impressive graphics which is ensured by combining the power of Iris Pro Graphics with the new NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M.

Cons: The screen of the device is glossy with no matte option available. This MacBook Pro does not come with an Ethernet port, but a $29 Thunderbolt-to-Gigabyte Ethernet adapter can be bought. Running older apps could be a problem as they seem blocky on this device.

Specs: MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina comes with a 2.2 Ghz and a 2.5 Ghz quad-core Intel Core i-7 processor running on 16 GB of board memory. It comes with a 256GB and 512GB storage option. It has a 720p HD camera and has a built-in 95 watt per hour lithium-polymer battery.

Talking Points: MacBook Pro with retina display is designed with several features like highly recyclable aluminium enclosure, is PVC-free, BFR-free and has many more features which help in reducing environmental impact. This device is the best performing MacBook Pro released so far. Apple even provides an option of configuring the MacBook Pro.

Conclusion: The new 15 inch MacBook Pro is an incremental upgrade to the previous models. The 13 inch MacBook Pro is a better option if one is ready to compromise on screen size since the 15inch MacBook comes with a hefty price tag. Still, the solid unibody construction, amazing display and great all-around performance makes it our favorite power-user laptop.

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