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Skip a Beat Uses Your Heartbeat As the Controller

Feb 27, 2015 01:32 PM EST


What kinds of game controllers have you been using so far? Are they an arcade, dual shock, joystick, Wii U controller, or just a keyboard for PCs? A Dutch gaming company named Happitech has made a breakthrough by pioneering an iPhone game app where users' heartbeats are involved in controlling the game.

The player's heartbeats will be manipulated to be a game controller in the new iPhone game named 'Skip a Beat' that has recently been released. It uses the iPhone flash sensor for detecting users' heartbeats, somewhat similar to the Cardio app or the sensor built into the Galaxy S5. Just place any finger in front of the iPhone camera with its flash turned on, snap it and your heart rate will be detected by the app .

This is something new to the gaming world as you have to learn to control your own pulse in order to keep your heart rate within the target range of that level. "The main goal is to make you aware of your heart rate," says Yosef Harb, CEO and founder of Happitech, the company behind Skip a Beat. "What happens when you have too much coffee, bad sleep, a very good breakfast? It's a combination of awareness meets quantified self."

In the game, users will need to use the organ rhythm to control the pace of the game. The game is about an animated frog named Skip trying to save princess Euphoria and that involves point collecting and avoiding obstacles such as birds. By using the built-in flash and camera  the app will measure users' heart rate before they enter the next level. How fast the game's pace is will depend on your pulse rate. The faster your heart beat, the faster the game's pace is.

So, if you want more challenges, why not work out for a while for a faster heartbeat so the game can pick up speed?

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