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100 People Shortlisted for Mars Colonization

Mar 03, 2015 07:13 PM EST


The top 100 people from an original poll of 200,000 people have been selected for a one way trip to the red planet. 200,000 people volunteered for the Mars One project to attempt to establish a colony on Mars. The journey time would be around 200 days. 

According to Daily Mail, the recent cuts narrowed down the selection to 100 people, who are now known as the Mars 100. Among the selected candidates of science fanatics, there are physics majors, engineers, doctors, singers, Star Trek fans, a mechanic and an artist.

Mars One is a Dutch-based private non-profit project. A reality show recording and documenting the journey of the volunteers is one fundraising option they will likely put into use .

In the next stage of the Mars One project, the list of potential ticket holders will be cut down to 40 people. After that, a group of 4 people will be the first ones to take the 7-month journey to Mars.

Cody Reeder, 22, a Mars One candidate and a mechanic, grew up on a remote ranch in Utah and has been fixing cars. He says that Mars would "feel like home" to him.

"The experiences I have had and my ability to think in logical ways that no one else does has allowed me to find novel working solutions to problems. I am also a very friendly person that gets along with everyone so I could do very well here on Earth, in fact, leaving would be a huge loss for the planet," Cody added.

Carmen Paul, 32, currently serving as a member of the National Guard, writes on her Mars One profile that she could be the first one to set up Internet on Mars.

A concrete passion for space travel and adventure is the common theme among the would-be astronauts.

If you get a chance, would you grab a one way ticket to Mars?

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