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LG G4 Release Date and Review: G4 to Be Smaller Than LG G3

Mar 05, 2015 11:21 AM EST


The LG G3 was heavily accepted by the LG brand lovers. The specifications included in this phone impressed the users as well. But for now, all those specifications have become common and can easily get to see in other phones. This is what pulls us to think about the LG G4!

Release date:

The LG G3 was launched during the closing weeks of May 2014. Thus, the model is pretty fresh. Still, LG is planning to release the G4 to the public only one year after its predecessor, in April of 2015.

After looking at the past few years, we have noticed that Samsung and Apple frequently launch their new flagship during the first and second quarter of each year respectively. These companies might need (or prefer) some isolating time to execute a larger splash.

There are some practical reasons behind choosing this release date for a new flagship phone. If G4 gets launched in April, then it will surely offer LG some space after the release date of Galaxy S6.    

Assumed Specifications:

The rumors are that the size of G4 will be vaguely smaller than that of the G3. It will certainly have bezel-less display with a 5.3 Inch long quad HD screen. Still it will provide a superior resolution. Some have posted an image with implausible pixel resolution of 2880 x 1620 saying that it has captured through a review model of G4. How can the rumor spreaders expect this much higher resolution with such small screen?

Another rumor is that the LG will embrace a stylus through the G4 to create a tough competition against the Galaxy Note 4.

Whatever the rumor says, we can only wait for the April to come to know the actual specifications of the G4.

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