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Facebook Profile Tips and Tricks 2014: 10 Facebook 'Don'ts' to Avoid Cyber Hate

Jul 11, 2014 03:39 AM EDT

Facebook Burnout
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Social media, for some of us, has become the breeding ground for the oversharing all of details of our lives, from what we're eating on a daily basis and providing our locations at all times, to typing every random thought that comes into our heads. Some of those constant shared thoughts and activities could cost you a friendship or breed abject hate, especially on a social media platform such as Facebook.

In order to prevent that cyber hatred, here is your guide to 10 Facebook "Don'ts" :

1. Stop sharing your vacations or events.

One should avoid posting the number of days he or she has spent on vacation or at a event, especially the hours spent there. In other words, stop posting information in the hopes that your Facebook friends will have to acknowledge your wonderful trip.

2. Stop tagging pictures with your location.

Everytime you go out to eat or are enjoying dinner, you do not need to prove to your social media community that you ate this food at this particular place.

3. Refrain from publishing about sporting events, for example a football match.

If you decide to post a response everytime a goal is scored, and then dispraise move detrimental to your favorite team, it could foster some displeasure amongst your Facebook friends.

4. Try not to upload entire albums, selfies included.

Eslamoda, a website, explains that posting over 30 photos in one day, especially all with the same pose, is not effective. Perhaps choosing a select handful of photos a day will come off as less narcissistic.

5. Drama: Try not to publish your personal problems everyday.

Some people may perceive these posts to mean that you are always seeking sympathy and attention.

6. Too much information is too much information.

You do not have to post every miniscule detail of your life, especially the uninteresting private ones such as, "I'm going to the bathroom," or "I just got paid."

7. Fishing for compliments: Try to avoid comments that make you look like you need constant adoration and reassurance.

These comments include but are not limited to comments like "I am so lonely," or "I don't have any friends."

8. Do not publish your daily routines.

If most of your friends know your daily routines, you do not have to share it. For example posts like "I'm at work," or "taking my children to school" are a given.

9. Uploading pictures of everything and anything.

Some people in your friends list might get annoyed and disinterested with your constant photographing of cataloging what you wear, sharing your new hairstyle, showing money, or buying items.

10. Stop trying to prove that you are intellectual.

This refers to the overuse of posts related to phrases, affirmations or quotes.

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