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Russian Activists Fight to Send Alcoholic Bears to Rehab

Mar 11, 2015 01:59 PM EDT


Plans are underway to move two caged Russian bears to a rehab after calling a cage home for 20 years.

This new developed has emerged after the bears were alleged to have become addicted to human food and alcohol outside Sochi restaurant for the last 20 years. The court ordered the release of the two male bears this week which was challenged and the bears locked in a small devastating cage as they sipped alcohol beverages. The has been quite some disturbing photos including a YouTube video  showed the devastating cage and the environment where the two males are put.

Animal activists said that they had teamed up with France's Brigitte Bardot to take care of the bill for the bears to travel to the Liberty Bear Sanctuary which is outside of Brasov Romania. The Sanctuary in Brasov is reported to have a 1.5 acre forest that is enclosed with a pool, den, and plenty of oak trees, states its blog.

Petition of moving the two bears

There is also a petition that is being made to the Ministry of Natural Resources in Sochi, Russia that is urging them to provide the legal support that is needed to facilitate the bears to be moved to the Romanian sanctuary. According to legal documents, it will take around three months to allow the release of the bears to their freedom sanctuary.

The two bears have been held in the Sochi restaurant ever since they were very tiny and now one of the bears has even become blind. Unfortunately, the two bears wil continue waiting as the process of securing them to a safe haven continues.

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