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Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere Date, Plot Rumors, and Cast News: Will Sansa Seek Revenge?

Mar 13, 2015 11:54 AM EDT


Game of Thrones is all set for a simultaneous grand premiere in 170 countries on April 12, 2015. With the anticipation touching renewed heights, GoT 5 is purported to have many surprises in store. Moreover, this season is said to be replete with raw carnage and bloodshed.

GoT 5 is speculated to bring three marriages to feast oneself off. The most anticipated one is that of Daenerys and Daario Naharis. Daenerys is all ready to swipe the battle field when she vows to break the wheel that metaphorically contains the Lannisters, Baratheon, Stark, and Tyrells. To what extent she will be able to fulfill the vow that has been enunciated in the past four seasons remains to be seen. However, Khaleesi is sure to take the centre stage this season. A digression from the original Martin's books, some shocking key deaths are also being speculated in Season 5, some going as far as to Jaime Lannister's. Season 5 is also going to be the biggest and strongest of all the seasons.

The tragic death of her brother and mother also seemed to have shaken Sansa from her reverie. With views of her in Winterfell in the trailer of Season 5, fans are speculating that she will be forced to avenge her family's death. Sand snakes, the bastard daughters of slain Oberym Martell, are going to set Season 5 on fire.

We have never seen female camaraderie of this level in GoT apart from solitary females such as Arya, Daenerys, and Cersei. The dragons in Season 5 are really huge as well. Although we know they grow every year, their sheer sizes in the trailer take one's breath away. Furthermore, Tyrion sees the dragon to indicate a meeting in store with Dany.

The trailer dropped many tantalizing cues and fans are going crazy with the wait. Keep your fingers crossed as April is just around the corner!

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