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Wireless Smartphones & Starbucks Online 2014: Coffee Giant to Offer Phone Charging Stations for Customers

Jul 11, 2014 04:14 AM EDT

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Among the first things a Starbucks drink-in customer does when arriving at the cafe is search for a wall outlet to plug in their laptops and smartphones. That might change thanks to a new partnership with Duracell.

Starbucks locations will soon offer Duracell Powermats, which are wireless charging stations that allow customers to simply place their compatiable devices on top of a table or counter and charge them.

Shops in Boston and San Jose, California already offer the Powermats, but a national rollout starts Thursday. Starbucks has over 20,500 locations worldwide and plans to add Powermats to Asia and Europe within a year.

At the stores that already offer the Powermats Starbucks says that customers are happy with their experiences.

"Customers were using it and we know it made for a great experience for our customers," said Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills.

Each store will have about 10 Powermats in them in designated areas, likely spread out all over the shop. Tables and counters will feature the Powermats.

Most phones will be compatible with the Powermat charging systems. If a customer's phone is not compatible with the Powermats, they'll be able to purchase a "power ring". It is unknown whether Starbucks will sell these directly to customers, or if customers will have to order them from Duracell's website.

Starbucks has tried to woo customers into staying longer in their shops. They've made the seats more comfortable, added lively music and allowed users unlimited free Wi-Fi Internet. They even made changes to their Starbucks card system and improved the company's smartphone app.

Currently, Starbucks is testing a program that would allow customers to order items ahead of time from their phones.

What do you think about the wireless charging stations at Starbucks? Are you happy that you won't have to fight for a wall outlet the next time you go for a cup of coffee or tea? Leave a comment below.

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