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Arrow Season 3 Recap and Spoilers: Will Oliver Accept The Offer To Become The Next Ra’s al Ghul?

Mar 13, 2015 03:36 PM EDT


In the last Wednesday's episode of Arrow, the whole story took an unexpected turn when Oliver decided to visit Nanda Parbat to rescue Malcolm Merlin (Diggle accompanied Oliver). First, he had an upper hand and was successfully able to infiltrate the League of Assassins headquarters, but soon discovered that they've been led into a trap.

Ray Palmer completes his A.T.O.M. suit and Thea finally reveals to Laurel that about Sara's killing.

We do think that the Arrow wants to make a larger point on Oliver protecting Malcom from the moral high-ground, even though Malcolm has cost hundreds of lives and also manipulated just as many, including his own daughter.

Given the revelation of the nature of Ra's purported immortality, are we supposed to believe that the "spirit" of Ra's al Ghul transfers from man to man? As of now, it is hard to find out whether Oliver/Arrow would accept the mantle of the Demon's Head. Even if he does, he might lose all of his friends and family who are the very people why he has been doing all of this.

Another thing about the Season 3 as a whole seems to be having quite a doubt on Oliver's leadership abilities. His team has been intervening left and right, and as of now, the only relationship that seems to be consistent and standing strong, is between Oliver and Diggle. Both of them understand the burdens of war and also having one's faith shaken.

The latest episode also gives more resonance between both of them, and they even call back to their simpler bond in the early days.

Another bond that seems to be getting stronger is between Roy and Thea over taking innocent lives without control.

Though the Wednesday's episode brought us an exciting action filled episode, there are still more questions to consider about the whole foundation of the Season 3. Ra's al Ghul's integration is still pending to present a viable endgame for the season finale, the core character relationships seem to have become stronger, and the completion of the A.T.O.M. suit brings some of the Iron Man like storyline to the show.

What do you think? Did the Arrow hit that 5 star mark in its 15th installment of the Season 3?

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