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Teen Robbers Lick Cremated Remains Mistaken for Cocaine

Mar 16, 2015 11:23 AM EDT


Teenagers out on a robbing spree thought they got a huge jack when they stole a box of white powder which they assumed to be cocaine. But it was not cocaine. It was only after one of them tasted the white powder, they realized that the powder is something other than china white. In actuality the white powder was the cremated remains of the house owner's father.

After realizing that the white powder which they posses is not cocaine, the trio discarded it through the window of their car.

A group of three teenagers broke into a Missouri home on November 22. They took away everything they could lay their hands on including $825 in cash and items worth $2000 in forms of jewelry, electronics, prescription drugs and a box of white powder which they believed to be cocaine.

The trio confessed to their crimes. Investigators reported that Devin Gesell severved as a lookout while the other two ransacked the house.

When question about the location of the box, Devin Gesell "stated that the bag of ashes/remains was discarded after they realized that it was not cocaine."

Devin Gesell, 17, has been held as an adult under multiple charges while his accomplices, ages 15 and 16 are being tried as juveniles.

Details of the robbery committed on November 22 in St. Peters, Missouri are enclosed in a probable statement which was drafted in connection with the filing last week of several felony charges against the teens.

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