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Swine Flu Epidemic: 1,731 Dead, Over 4000 Infected in India

Mar 19, 2015 10:48 AM EDT

swine flu
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Swine flu also called as swine influenza or H1N1 virus is a serious infection that is caused by any type of swine influenza virus. It's an epidemic virus that spreads very rapidly and acutely. Recently, the virus has spread to many of the large countries of Asia. Efforts are being made to have a control over its outbreak.

Turkey and India are topping the list of the countries in the grip of swine flu. According to a report, a 30 years old Turkish Yasar Buyukalic has been diagnosed with H1N1 virus and is kept in isolated treatment room. Moreover, a 53 years old Turkish woman namely Guler Akbas was reported to be dead at a Turkish hospital in Kocaeli last Sunday.The flu has resemblance to most of the influenza infections including symptoms like headache, runny nose, vomiting, high fever, diarrhea etc.

In New Delhi, India the virus has hit another new record of 4000 infected people with 51 new cases recently reported. The senior government official in New Delhi said that the old age people, cancer patients, diabetics and pregnant ladies are more vulnerable to this virus and should be vaccinated along with taking serious precautions. He further said that the virus spreads from one person to another through sneezing, touching and coughing. Tamiflu is the usually prescribed medicine of H1B1 virus.

With serious cases in New Delhi, the overall number of swine flu cases in India has reached over 30,000 victims. According to Union Health Ministry data, 1,731 people have been died due to swine flu till March 15.

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