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Disney's Cinderella Takes Top Spot at Box Office

Mar 17, 2015 04:14 PM EDT


2015's Disney's Cinderella has easily positioned itself as the number one box office movie this past weekend, as written on Fandango, an online site that has box office updates every Monday. So great is the film's aura that although it hasn't been launched in several world's major markets like Europe and Latin America,  the money generated by the box office runner up movie (Run all Night) is not even one-sixth of what the Cinderella movie has earned. This weekend alone Cinderella grossed $70.05 million worldwide upon its playing at 3,845 locations in 31 world's market, much higher than the film Run All Night, which only grossed $11.02.

The biggest overseas audience has been the Chinese audience. Cinderella has grossed $25 million in China so far. Meanwhile, the second biggest gross is coming from Russia (7.3 million).

Cinderella's opening also grossed better than that of some recent Disney's live-action fantasy movies Snow White and the Huntsman ($56,2 million) and slightly above Maleficent ($69.4 million).

The Cinderella movie, of which 66% of the audience is female and 55% is under 25, generated more money than the rest of the box office movies combined. However, the budget is as modest as $95 million, less than  Jupiter Ascending ($176 million, grossing $45,980,000 in 6 weeks), Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb ($127, grossing $112,681,000 in 13 weeks), Big Hero 6 ($165, grossing $221,686,000 in 19 weeks), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 ($125, grossing $337,105,600 in 17 weeks) and Interstellar ($165, grossing $187,993,000 in 19 months)

The reviews on Cinemastore have been very positive so far. They mentioned the film to be "solid" and entertaining." The live-action movie, of which can also be categorized as a family movie, has been rated A+ by moviegoers, polled by Cinemastore. The movie should hold its own position as a number one box office movie over the next few months, especially during the school spring break that comes in a few weeks. With these indicators, Cinderella should stay in the box office for a longer period and gross more than $5 million.

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