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Michael Jackson's Skin Disorder Now Becoming Fashionable

Mar 17, 2015 04:06 PM EDT


Vitiligo, a skin disease is now termed as a new fashion trend of 2015. Vitiligo is a chronic disease which causes loss of skin color. The main cause of Vitiligo is genetic susceptibility and there is no cure for it. This disease is identified as the one which the legendary pop music star Michael Jackson, was suffering from.

Michael Jackson had of the largest fan following in the world inspite of his multiple controversies. One of the biggest controversies was the change in his skin tone over the last 15 years of his life. Presently the skin disorder which Michael Jackson was suffering is termed as a 2015 fashion accessory.

An article published by The Daily Mail U.K. stated that the best fashion accessory one can have is suffering from skin disorder like Michael Jackson. It was referred to Winnie Harlow because she also has the same disease as the king of Pop and the way this disease turned out to her plus point in modelling.  It is found that both these stars had genetic disposition of this disease.

Previously Michael Jackson used to bleach his skin to hide Vitiligo and he was severely criticized for it. He was also believed to be lying about Vitiligo.  It was even assumed that Michael Jackson was bleaching his skin to look as a white person.

During 1993 Michael Jackson was questioned about Vitiligo in an interview with Oprah. He alleged that he doesn't deliberately bleach his skin. But many still doubted him. After Michael Jackson's death, Hip Hop Wired published an article reporting the huge amount of bleaching creams found at his house. They later defended him saying that bleaching creams are normally used as treatment for Vitiligo.

After his autopsy the CNN reported "The autopsy confirmed what Jackson told people who questioned why his skin tone became lighter in the 1980s. Jackson had 'Vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disease.'"

Presently Winnie Harlow is applauded for the same disorder which 20 years ago Michael Jackson was criticized for. Vitiligo has been declared as the official fashion accessory trend of 2015. Currently Winnie is in great demand due to her skin condition. Designers want her to flaunt her skin disorder instead of covering it.

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