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Florida Official Suspended for Using the Term "Climate Change"

Mar 23, 2015 12:18 PM EDT

Gov. Rick Scott
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Bart Bibler, an employee at environmental protection department, Florida, was suspended for using the words "climate change". There is a conditional ban on use of terms like "climate change" and "global warming" in Florida, which is assumed to be the state that could end up being the most affected by global warming. Employees are told to avoid using these words in official works like emails, letters, reports etc or face consequences, hence Bibler's suspension.

Bart Bibler, a state land management plan coordinator at Florida's Department of Environmental Protection department used the phrase climate change in his official papers from a Florida Coastal Managers Forum meeting. In the meeting the topics of discussion were climate change, increase in sea levels and the environmental hazards of Keystone XL Pipeline.

Just for using the phrase "climate change" Bibler was suspended and ordered to see a doctor before returning back to work. Bibler stated that he was not aware of any ban on words like climate change or global warming.

"I think it's ridiculous that there is a ban on speaking about climate change in the state of Florida. I didn't know there was such a ban. I sort of stumbled It." he said "We should be talking about climate change. If we can't, that's absurd. And it's harming our future."

According to the department, Bibler has been defiant and inserted his political views in his work. They also told the Tallahassee Democrat that Bibler is on leave and not suspended.

This policy of a prohibition on words related to global warming started in 2011 after Gov. Rick Scott took office. He has clearly stated that he does not believe human activity is the cause of global warming even after being showed a significant amount of scientific evidence.

"I am not a scientist" was his response when question about his opinion on man made climate change.

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