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Destiny Video Games Tips, Tricks, and Cheats: Infinite Grenades, Vex Mythoclast Fusion Rifle, and More

Mar 27, 2015 02:26 PM EDT


An action adventure game, Destiny is very much enjoyable and addictive to play. In the game you are a Guardian and you have to travel planets and stars to fight and in bid to survive. You will even have to participate in public events. Basically Destiny is like a story and you have to craft and wield it bravely.                                                 

You can play this game alone or create a fire team of two other players. There mare many multiplayer modes in Destiny like: Skirmish, Rumble, Salvage, Clash, Combined Arms, Control, and Iron Banner.

There are certain tricks to play this game. Some of them are listed below:

To get infinite grenades:

If you posses an amour piece that allows you to re-spawn with grenade energy like Voidfang used for Vestments Warlock class, then just make use of your grenades and then from the instant grenade energy, start switching the grenade types. Doing this will help you get and utilize unlimited number of grenades. Though this trick looks a bit tough, it takes merely few seconds if you practice.

To acquire Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle:

The Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle is one of the best weapons you can lay your and this is the only fusion rifle available in this game. This fusion rifle is regarded as a primary weapon and not a special weapon. Other positive point of this rifle is that it does not need to be charged to fire. The only way to acquire the Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle is to first defeat Atheon, the final boss in the Vault of Glass on Hard mode.

To refill your ammo for free:

After the ammo of your primary weapon becomes 0, just wait patiently for about 45 seconds.  Slowly your ammo will refill along with some special ammo.

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