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New Strain of Weed Being Launched By Willie Nelson

Mar 27, 2015 04:17 PM EDT


Since pot is gradually being legalized throughout the United States (of course only medicinal use is legalized), we expected to see different brands and types of weeds. Willie Nelson happens to be the first person to get ahead of the industry and will soon be launching branded bongs and stores.

Willie Nelson, who is 81, has spent his life in the support of marijuana. And without a doubt this new brand reflects his passion.

According to The Daily Beast, Michael Bowman, the spokesperson said in their recent interview that there will be stores. They will of course be in the states where marijuana has become legal.

When asked whether he will be selling his own signature strains or other people's strains; he said that they will be selling both. Of course they will only sell other people's strains if they meet quality standards. Willie calls it the anti-Walmart model, which empowers small growers who are doing the right thing.

Willie plans on opening the first store in Colorado, Washington, Alaska in the next calendar year. He says that there are no huge problems there and that he is pretty certain where the retail can go.

Do you think that full-scale legalization will happen soon?

Here's what Mr. Bowman has to say "I would say all this boils down to math. You can take the dollars we're spending (on prohibition), and go to arch conservatives who are against the ending of prohibition, and say, "Here's a math equation. Here's what we're spending on drugs, here's what we're doing to destroy peoples lives. And with the ending of prohibition, we can transition from very energy intensive and chemical intensive crops to something much more energy-efficient and environmentally benign, and be creating more products." What isn't conservative about that equation?

What do you think about the brand Willie's Reserve? Do you think they will soon be becoming the WalMart of Marijuana? 

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