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What Apps Are Making It Onto the Apple Watch? Not All Apps Approved

Apr 27, 2015 09:11 PM EDT


The Apple Watch is in the wild and with that comes a whole new host of apps that you can download and use right from your wrist.  However, not all apps are making an appearance on the new platform and Apple has even begun rejecting some apps that have long held a place on the store for their iPads and iPhones.

Several days ago, Apple began rejecting apps that mentioned the Pebble smartwatch, its far more affordable competitor, now that the watch has been released, and this is especially bad news for Pebble owners.  The Pebble is compatible with the iPhone allowing you to use your Pebble with your iPhone in much the same way you can with the Apple Watch.

However, many app makers, Pebble included, could have a hard time not mentioning the Pebble in their app descriptions which means you could see many of the apps available for the Pebble on the App Store simply disappear.  To be fair, this isn't a new policy put in place by Apple to punish Pebble for making a competing product.  For years now, Apple has not allowed its competitors such as Android or Windows Phone to be mentioned in their App Store descriptions, although this is the first time they have taken issue with anything having to do with Pebble.

On top of that, there are many different types of apps that simply won't be available on the Apple Watch.  Fart apps, for example, are simply not allowed.  While you can always pick one of those up on your iPhone or iPad, Apple has drawn a line in the sand when it comes to these types of apps on the Watch.  Sure if they didn't you would be able to turn your wrist into a whoopee cushion ready to embarrass your friends in public, but Apple has decided to ban these types of apps in favor of other, more important applications.

So what kind of apps can you get for the Apple Watch?  Well, there are more available than you might think.  Apple has billed the watch's fitness capabilities and you will easily find all sorts of fitness apps available to use.  In addition, there are productivity apps that can help you each day. 

Classic Casio Calculator watch fans will be disappointed to hear that Apple failed to include a calculator.  It seems they don't believe you should be doing any calculations from your wrist.  However, a third party developer has stepped up to make the dreams come true of Casio fans across the globe.

Other apps you will find that offer a quality wrist experience include social media apps such as Twitter that allows you to tweet right from your watch.  Need to find out about a location you are traveling?  TripAdvisor allows you review millions of places at your destination and along the way.  One favorite of music loves is Shazam.  There is something magical about being able to play a song and learn everything about it.  Now, you don't even need your phone, simply wave your wrist while playing a song and you can learn everything you need to know about it.

While there is no arguing that the App Store for the Apple Watch needs to mature a little more, there are still tons of apps available that will fill almost any need you can think of and help you get the most out of your watch.  Some apps provide a more complete experience while others simply give you highlights and prompt you to switch to your iPhone.  No matter what, Apple has made sure that there are enough apps available to keep you busy for hours upon hours as you explore the new features and abilities that your Apple Watch provides.

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