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NASA Allows Americans Onboard Martian Orion Flight in #JourneyToMars

Oct 09, 2014 10:55 PM EDT

Martian Boarding Pass
(Photo : NASA) Martian Boarding Pass

To be quite honest, space exploration has been out of the cards for most of us. I myself am rather claustrophobic so the deep space container vessels never quite appealed to me. And many can hardly handle a rocky trip out to sea before the sickness settles in, so a bumpy trip in and out of atmosphere may likely rock your boat a bit too much as well. But if you've got computer access, passion for space exploration, and the ability to spell your own name, NASA may just allow you onboard its first mission to Mars courtesy of Orion spacecraft's Flight Test set to depart this December.

It's no surprise, since NASA has had a long history with engaging the public's interest in space, but this time they're offering an extraordinary opportunity: the chance to be amongst the first names placed on Mars. Like the beginning to a Martian history, wherein all of the pilgrims' names are archived on the Orion spacecraft, NASA is extending the opportunity for you to SIGN UP and have your name engraved onto a thumbnail-sized microchip documenting the first mission. And it's as easy as 1-2-3.

1-Fill out the questionnaire (Name, Country, Postal Address, Email)

2-Print out Boarding Pass

3-Share! All of my friends have already seen my plan for a mission to Mars, and so can yours.

"We did something similar for Curiosity's mission and have done so for other Mars missions as well" NASA spokesperson Rachel Kraft said in an interview this morning. "All names submitted will fly on Orion and accrue miles as part of the 'frequent flier' campaign."

So while you're sitting in your office or daydreaming in class of the red planet, your name will be on the adventure of a lifetime. Departing on Dec. 4, Orion's first flight fill be a 4.5 hour test mission orbiting the Earth. Then, the microchip packed with your name will fly on the next outgoing mission to Mars, courtesy of NASA's newest plans for manned exploration of the red planet's surface.

I'm signed up too, so maybe we'll see each other onboard!

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