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Ten year plan launches for Australia's blue economy

Aug 13, 2015 01:29 AM EDT


A ten-year plan for investment and research needed to grow and to manage Australia's blue economy was recently launched by the country's Industry and Science Minister.

According to reports, the plan is for the future of all Australians and economic ventures. It added that the marine industries of Australia will contribute around $100 billion each year to the world economy by the year 2025.

"Australia's marine sector -- already a significant contributor to the nation's economy -- has the potential to provide even greater economic wealth through growth in offshore oil and gas production, renewable energy resources, biotechnology, marine and coastal tourism, fishing and aquaculture. But importantly oceans are critical to our planet and the country's future as they are key drivers of climate and weather," said John Gunn, Chair of the National Marine Science Committee (NMSC) that coordinated the National Marine Science Plan (NMSP) in a statement released on August 11 by the NMSC.

He added the ten-year plan includes some subject matters that will grow and sustain a blue economy in terms of knowledge, technology and innovation.

"Our oceans have a very large number of stakeholders, particularly if we include all those Australians who expect their coasts and oceans to be healthy and productive," Gunn added.

The latter also cited that the NMSP is a call to action, to the nation's marine scientists.

"...but also to all those who will benefit from a strong marine science sector that is dedicated to working with governments, industries and communities in the mission of ensuring that we get the most out of our marine estate while protecting the things we all care about."

There are seven interconnected grand challenges facing Australia. These are marine sovereignty, security and safety; energy security; food security; biodiversity, conservation and ecosystem health; urban coastal environments; climate variability and change; and resource allocation.

The NMSC is formerly known as the 'Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group' -- an advisory body promoting co-ordination and information sharing between Australian Government marine science agencies and the broader Australian marine science community. It has representatives from Australian Government agencies and additional members who assist the group to access stakeholder, industry and research views and state/territory government considerations.

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