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Medical Marijuana Shops To Be Regulated Despite Legality

Aug 24, 2015 07:28 PM EDT


Various cities on Canada, like Ottawa, B.C., and Vancouver are on war regarding the regulations and the slow and strict licensure of Medical Marijuana operators. Since Ottawa in 2014 banned the personal growing of buds for its local residents, a lot of stores have already operated and being currently regulated in Vancouver, resulting in various complaints to the police. Despite the good intentions of most of these shops, that cannot be said for all of them. Currently, there are more than 100 shops to be accounted for and 11 warrants have already been issued. Complaints tied to distribution to minors and association to crimes.

According to Kash Heed, previous solicitor general and Chief of Police for West Vancouver, several groups are being held accountable for the illegal disbursement from the black market, including the outlaw motorcycle gangs, Indo-Canadian Gangs, and Asian-based organized crime. It was enclosed that due to strict regulations to the legal market, more resorted to illegal consignment with these illicit growers such as stated above.

Currently, there are 25 official producers and licensed by Health Canada to distribute medical Marijuana to people who are legitimately sick, those who have prescription from a doctor to be able to purchase. It was reported that 80 percent of customers were purchasing for recreational use instead of medicinal purposes. According to Kerry Jang, Vancouver City councilor, the federal government was put under scrutiny of its influence over this matter and its failure to provide accessibility of the medical marijuana to those who needs it.

This is currently giving them a losing battle as more shops opt to run illegally. He believes in the legalization of the product under the right procedures, such as proximity from educational institutions and proper and strict implementation of rules against illegal and recreational use that could have more negative than positive effect on the people. 

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