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Fight Against Legionnaire’s Disease

Aug 26, 2015 12:45 AM EDT


Precautionary measures were done the weekend before the classes start on West Chester University in their fight against the Legionnaire disease that has infected a number of establishments within the institution.

Six of the buildings are used for academic purposes. Although the university officials said that the level of bacteria was not alarming, these are merely for the safety of the upcoming students after a university employee tested positive for Legionnaire's last July. The university shut down their hot water system and thoroughly chlorinated it to kill the bacteria that could incur a possible outbreak.

Also in New York, Leslie Noble filed for a civil lawsuit against the Opera House Hotel that has been confirmed as the source of the deadly outbreak  of Legionnaire's disease. So far the number of casualties includes 12 people dead and 128 infected, all of which are staying in the said hotel. According to health officials, the strain of Legionella bacteria from the patients matched the ones found in the hotel cooling tower. New York officials started the cleanup around the city and the contracted the Metro group, which is considered the best cleanup group in the city to do it.

Rich Parker, the president of the Metro Group said they were able to clean up the towers with the help of the Fire Department. He related the experience as being like a war-time response. The outbreak was considered as the worst flare up in the city's history. A Legislation was already developed and passed by NYC Mayor Bill Blasio, Council Speaker Ms. Melissa Mark-Viverito and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo would require quarterly inspections of cooling towers by the building owners.

They must provide annual certification that their towers have been inspected, tested, disinfected and cleaned. This would also require the owners to have a maintenance plan and register any cooling towers or face fines and imprisonment. The action that was being implemented was the order of the health department for the building owners to be responsible in disinfecting their establishments and cooling towers. Clarity Water Technologies managing partner Greg Frazier said that the city has been under a pressure and was panic stricken because of the deadline of the cleanups.

The only buildings exempted with are the ones who already had a cleanup within 30 days. According to a Democrat Ms. Mark-Viverito, "We're in the midst of a crisis in New York City, and this Council is taking swift action to address what is happening."

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