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Wal-Mart Starts the Christmas Season

Sep 03, 2015 07:36 PM EDT

Walm-Mart: August Starts the Christmas Shopping Season
(Photo : Lay away program now available to start your Christmas Shopping early

The world's largest retailer Wal-Mart opens up the Christmas season by launching its Holiday Lay Away plan four months before Christmas.  This Friday, more than 10 days away for U.S. Labor Day, Wal-Mart will open up its stores for layaway program for the season's newest toys this 2015 including Star Wars and Minions. 

There have been many improvements for this year's program from last year. The cost of the ticket to the layaway program would only be $10, from the $15 cost last year and would be able to give you from last year's 60 days only, now up to 90 days to pay for the toys. With just $10 or the greater 10 percent of down payment for more than 4,500 items to choose from you could rest assure to get in line first and not to worry about the holiday rush for the next months.

Thanks to the new Star Wars movie this December, the expected demand for the limited edition toys should be overflowing from parents to toy collectors. The items will be available for claim starting on Dec 14. On top of that, in honor of the Star Wars merchandise, 2,900 stores of Wal-Mart will host "Force Fridays" that promises fun events for the family and will be giving away many free items such as collectibles,  posters and activity sheet.

"We believe Wal-Mart's decision to pull its layaway program forward, as well as launching its first-ever Toy Week, are credit positives for the company, we believe these actions signal that in keeping with what has become a tradition, the holiday season will be even earlier and longer this year." Moody's Vice President Charlie O'Shea said. Next Thursday, they will launch the 18-hour unveiling of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Toys.

Because of this, a study has concluded that this event will develop the toy industry from $18.08 billion to 6.2 percent this year.

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