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WHO Announces Liberia As Ebola-Free Again

Sep 08, 2015 10:01 PM EDT


The last report of a case of Ebola reported in Sierra Leone was made on Aug 8 and the country had begun a 42-day countdown to being declared Ebola-free.

The president of the African nation has lauded the government for its strong and efficient response to the Ebola outbreak in June. The health authorities in Sierra Leone were able to contain transmission of the virus.

Just weeks ago, the health authorities in the country decided to extend a vaccine trial from Guinea to Sierra Leone. The country's efforts to stop the outbreak of the disease lasting already for 18 months in the country have been set back because of the latest Ebola death, according to PPPFocus.com

In Liberia the transmission of the Ebola virus had previously been declared over in May. The health agency declared that it will start with immunization shots to 200 people who had direct and indirect contact with the patient who lost her life after being contaminated with the Ebola virus. The women died only five days after the country declared that it stopped the spreading of the Ebola epidemic.

The health agency added in a statement that the international partners have supported the government's efforts in areas such as a provision of personnel, technical assistance, delivery of equipment, supplies and food.

Abdulai Bayraytay, national publicity and outreach coordinator in the office of Sierra Leone's government spokesman, declared that so far is that no one else has shown symptoms of the virus, according to Dispatch Times.

Sierra Leone's health ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) are planning a vaccination program for those who could have come into contact with the woman who died after being sick with Ebola.

Liberia has been the one with most deaths out of all the affected places, amounting to over 4,800. In the recent re-emergence of the Ebola epidemic in the country two people died and six people were infected.

The government officials in Liberia warned that the country, with support from the global community, needs to learn the lessons of the Ebola. The researchers recommend as the most effective strategy in Ebola control ensuring that contacts of Ebola confirmed patients are monitored for 21 days after exposure.

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