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LG vs. Samsung, Korean OLED Tech & TV: G Flex Maker Produces 18-inch Flexible & Transparent 1200x810 Resolution HD Display Screen

Jul 14, 2014 01:33 AM EDT

LG curved OLED TV
(Photo : Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr)

Korean tech company LG seems to be taking the flexible display market more seriously than its competitors.

After LG launched the LG G Flex, which competes against Samsung's Galaxy Round, the company went into an even bigger venture by creating a large, flexible OLED panel, according to Engadget. The 18-inch panel is so flexible that it can be rolled into a 3-centimeter tube without harming its 1,200x810-resolution HD display. The back panel of the prototype features a new polyamide film instead of the typical plastic panel, making the screen thinner and substantially more flexible.

Tech manufacturers are now focusing on producing curved displays on mobile phones and television sets, since the curve allows more light to be directed toward the viewer. A flexible display would let the television adjust its curvature or shape depending on the number of people watching. On the other hand, transparency would allow the screen to be used as a high-tech projector by mounting it on the wall when needed.

A 30 percent light transmittance is one of the numerous advantages of the transparent OLED TV over the LCD TV display, whose transmittance level is only 10 percent. This means the new technology can emit more light.

While this type of technology is still unimaginable to the consumers, LG considers it a notable technological achievement. The company is confident that by 2017, it will be able to produce an ultra HD display at 60 inches or larger with 40 percent transmittance on transparent panels, Tech Times reported.

LG has heavily invested in the OLED technology, believing the combination of picture quality and flexibility will pave the way for innovative technological means for enjoying multimedia.

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