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Super-Genes Benefits On A Human Body

Sep 25, 2015 03:26 AM EDT

(Photo : Reuters) Citing privacy concerns, US panel urges end to secret DNA testing | Reuters

Scientist has discovered that editing a DNA to a human body is now possible from correcting disease genes and to passing those genetic fixes on to future generations as well as from installing genes that offer lifelong protection against infections like Alzheimer's and even to the effects of aging, according to Luban Yang, a postdoctoral scientist in Beijing.

Conversely, George Church, one of the leading genetic researchers, thinks we're not far from being able to use a new gene editing technology called the biggest biotech discovery of the century. He added that these can give us powerful versions of genes that will keep us healthy and strong.

An addition to new technology, "it enables parents to make choices about their children just as they might with Ritalin or cleft palate surgery to improve behaviour or appearance," George added. 

Paul Knoepler, a scientist said that the Church refers to such rare protective variants of large impact, in which exist naturally but only to a few people. This new gene editing technology or CRISPR could theoretically go into your genetic code and replace those less beneficial genes with new ones.

Hence, the Church laid down the different benefits of super genes of a human body. One of the useful genes has a variant that codes for the following: an extra-strong bone, lean muscles, makes people less sensitive to pain, low odour production, makes people more resistant to viruses, low risk of coronary disease, lower risk of Alzheimer's disease, low cancer risk, low risk of type 1 and 2 diabetes.

He added, that this era of selectively editing our genomes isn't here yet, but it's something that could have huge health implications- allowing people to have longer lives of better quality.

As this progresses on, producing super genetic human beings could not be far from reality. 

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