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Karmadec Ocean Sanctuary: New Sanctuary Of New Zealand

Oct 06, 2015 09:55 PM EDT


The Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary is found and spread through the Pacific Ocean, 1000 sq km northeast of New Zealand, and is surrounded by clutches of small islands. This sanctuary consists of diverse and crucial biodiversity, in which 35 species of whales and dolphins, 150 types of fishes, and three of the world's seven sea turtle species are to be found.

Historically, Polynesian people lived in the Kermadec Islands between 600 and 1000 years ago. Then Europeans began to discover the islands around 1700s and learned that the settlers in the island have gone through massive storms, earthquake and volcanic eruption. Nowadays, the island is uninhabited except for the manned Raoul Island Station, in the northernmost part of New Zealand.

The people in New Zealand have high regards when it comes to their coast and oceans, which are very important to them in terms with their culture, economics, and the environment. John Key added, that the New Zealand is proud to protect its world-class, unspoiled Kermadec marine environment for the generations to come. It means that the sanctuary has never been spoiled and will never be and with this they are committed to supervise the areas continuously.

In response to their said commitment, commercial and recreational fishing will be fully ban. Mining industry with its exploration and prospecting of minerals, gas and oil will received same restrictions. John Key is hoping to pass a law with regards to these plans next year 2016.

Conversely, "New Zealand will be establishing a gold standard of conserving sanctuaries, maintaining the most unspoiled ocean areas around the globe," Matt Rand stated, director of the global ocean legacy campaign of Pew Charitable Trust. This goal is an exciting move of being part in fulfilling the worldwide objectives in completely guarding ocean reserves that would protect 30 percent of the ocean.

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