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Quantum Computing Turn Into A Silicon Computer Chips

Oct 07, 2015 10:47 PM EDT


Quantum computing is an area of study focused on developing technology based on the principles of quantum theory. This explains the nature and behavior of the quantum (atomic and subatomic) level.

Quantum computer development, would make a leap forward inability computation far greater than abacus up to a modern day supercomputer, with its performance gains in the billion-fold realm and beyond.

For the first time, the Australian scientists have discovered a way how to put quantum computing into a reality. They have demonstrated the first ever calculation in a silicon quantum computer device.

According to Prof Andrew Dzurak, UNSW Engineering, Director of ANFF-NSW stated that "we've done this by making a quantum logic date, using industrial manufacturing technologies."

Respectively, for decades scientists have been trying to turn quantum computing, in which allows for multiplication at once, making it definitely faster than standard computing. Even today, they have relied largely on "exotic materials" to construct quantum computing.

Researchers at the University of New South Wales have patented a new design. This was published recently in the scientific Journal Nature. This was created specifically with computer industry manufactured by the standards in mind and with the use of affordable silicon. It is found in the regular computer chips like those we use through smartphones or tablets.

They added, that the patented design have modified the transistors found in a regular computer chip to store the binary code of 0 and 1 on the spin of a single electron, which works like a small tiny compass needle. With this, the first quantum computing transistor has been produced as the previous studies have been built.

However, according to them, this is the first time to get two-silicon transistors to talk to each other and to perform calculations through what we have known as "quantum logic gate."

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