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The Large Scale Of Articficial Intelligence

Oct 11, 2015 11:22 PM EDT


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines and also the name used in the academic field study in creating computers and computer softwares capable of intelligent behavior; an intelligent agent is a system that visualizes its surroundings and take actions that multiply the chances of success. In 1955, John McCarthy, who created the term defines it as the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines.

Artificial intelligence has subsets. One of of these is Cognitive computing. It is the ability for a computer to learn at a time-based experience, which is what a human brain would naturally do. There is a high demand in cognitive computing that has arisen from the prevalence and presence of Big data. This is the term used to describe the increased digitization of everything, which in turn created large data sets that are being analyzed to provide information.

In order to analyze large data sets and to establish connections, Cognitive computing is used as a solution, which leads to better business decisions. An estimated CAGR of 38.0% from 2014 to 2015, Cognitive computing is now considered as a high-growth application of Artificial Intelligence that is being used by large business industries and is commercialized worldwide.

However, there are some disruptive ideas that arise in the continued study and the development of AI. According to Stephen Hawking, AI could wipe out humanity when it gets too clever because humans in the process will be no more than ants, relying on the benefits delivered by the intelligence capable technology. He also said that the real risk with AI is not malicious but competence.

Even though some disturbing ideas surround the creation and study of AI, there are still some societies that focus on the study of Artificial intelligence. The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence is one of these organizations. It is a nonprofit scientific society that focuses on the advancement of scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying ideas, intelligent behavior and the embodiment in machines. This organization aims to promote, research and responsibly use Artificial Intelligence.

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