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Great White Shark Attack A Seal Caught On Video In Alcatraz

Oct 19, 2015 01:35 AM EDT


Tourists waiting ashore Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay witnessed a rare chance of catching a glimpse of a great white shark feeding on a seal. The event was caught on a video on one of the tourists' phone, identified as Meredith Coppolo Shindler.

A pool of blood was visible from the surface as a great white shark feeds on a seal. The tourists' reactions were recorded on the tape as one of them exclaimed that this is the first time they saw an actual shark feeding.

The Alcatraz Island is located in San Francisco Bay, which was famous for its famous high-security prison. The Federal Penitentiary, which existed from 1934 to 1963 is now a National Historic Landmark due to having one of the oldest operating lighthouses that receives visitors via ferry ride from Pier 33.

The San Francisco Bay area is included in the Red Triangle of the Pacific where a very large population of marine mammals, which would be favourable for the great white sharks to feast on the area. This event amusingly connected regarding the reputation of the infamous high-security prison.

David McGuire of the California Academy of Sciences stated that the risk of shark attack is extremely low. However, "this is the first recorded predation event I know of in the San Francisco Bay, It definitely looks like a white shark, about 8-10 feet, from the phone video sent to us. The tourists were pretty excited," McGuire said. Although more than 30 percent of the shark attacks on the United States are prominent on that area, there has been only one fatality due to shark attack in San Francisco --- Albert Kogler Jr., who died after a shark attack on May 7, 1959.

El Nino is also said to be one of the reasons why sharks are swimming to the tropical regions. As the food sources become scarce, sharks migrate to favourable areas in Southern California.

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