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UN Climate Talks in Paris, France

Oct 20, 2015 12:22 AM EDT


World leaders rise up and gather as the last rounds of United Nations climate talks are being finalized. The five-day meet will be for the rank and file negotiators for the blueprint of the deal regarding the plan for the global climate change, which should be put into action and will take effect on 2020.

It will include the 195 member nations of the UN climate forum. The draft is currently at 20 pages, from the original 80 pages long with the details of the deal to be agreed upon the leaders of participating nations.

The plan that aims to innovate the future industry to be a post-carbon era, free and resilient for the improvement of global climate. Objections and amendments have been laid on the table. One of it was the word for US$100 billion in aid to poorer nations to develop less polluting ways and to accommodate the inevitable consequences of the global warming, and the submission of the G77+China, a 100 league of African nations, LMDCs and the Alliance of Small Island States.

Group spokesperson Seyni Nafo said to the Associated Press that the African countries want more emphasis on financial support for the aid. However, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Peru's environment minister, advised against the disposal of the whole draft to create something else, saying that the whole world is on the watch over them and the agreement must launch the transformation of the economies towards a better, low carbon society.

Top carbon emitters such as China, the United States and India have already made their pledges for 2020. The deal was agreed to be finalized on November 30 - December 11 at the United Nations conference in Paris. The UN climate talks have fallen short since the 2009 Copenhagen summit.

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