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Apple's iOS9.1 News App And Emoji Now Available

Oct 23, 2015 06:07 AM EDT

Apple iOS 9.1 Emoji
(Photo : brunchnews.com) Apple launches emoji-filled iOS 9.1 update

Last Tuesday Giant Tech company Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system, the iOS9.1. With the new operating system update, Apple included some new and wide variety of featured apps, namely, the Apple News App, a new set of emoji library, live photos improvement and a whole lot more.

The Apple News App, an application where people can find the latest news, headlines and their favorite news sources is now available in the United Kingdom offered alongside the iOS9.1. iPhone and iPad owners are now able to download this app in the Apple Store.

The News app acts as a personalized news feed aggregator for the digital media. The application is designed to minimize fragmented news reading due to hopping in different news sites. This was the solution designed with the cooperation of the co-publishers in the U.K. for the Apple News App, namely, The Telegraph, Conde Nast, Financial Times and other high-rated news site in the U.K. The News app of Apple is a replacement and improvement for its last offering app Newsstand.

Users are now able to select from a wide variety of topics offered by the app, from music, technology, health sciences, culinary, headlines and newspaper sites with the added feature of marking the news as favorite, which will be included in the favorites section based on this new iteration.

The most notable or advertized new feature of the Apple's iOS9.1 is the new full-packed Emoji library. The characters offered in the emoji ranges from farm animals, flowers, a whole wide variety of facial expression, religious places, weapons up to hand gestures and a lot more. Apparently, there is one emoji that raises public disgust at the same time for most people - the middle finger emoji. Since Apple shows its full support for Unicode 7.0 and 8.0, they have added 150 emoji, which includes all emoji present and approved by the Unicode standard. The New Emoji even includes a unicorn head and a variety of food.

In order to avail the new emoji and news app users must upgrade their Apple devices into iOS9.1. Downloading the operating system may be done two ways, by connecting the device in the computer and updating through iTunes or by simply installing it on the device.

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