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The New Apple TV On Sale Starting Late October

Oct 23, 2015 06:17 AM EDT

Apple TV
(Photo : Reuters) Apple's 4th Generation TV

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that their new fourth-generation TV is going on sale, and pre-order starts on Oct. 26. The fourth-generation TV of Apple has received high anticipation for this is the successor of the failed crusade of their device three years ago, which is dubbed as a failed device since reviews show that it does not meet the expectations and needs of the user.

The TV sports touchscreen capability for user's ease of navigation, offers Apple App store for application downloads, a much faster processor than its predecessor powered by the A8 chip with 2 GB of RAM, and storage ranging from 32 GB to 64 GB. Included in the device is the Siri remote control. In its software integration, it offers the new operating system named tvOS, which is based from the company's iOS9.

Aside from the added set box that includes Siri, the device package includes the company's virtual guide, which makes navigation with the device easier and much faster than before. The set box also provides current information like news, sports, and weather updates and displays it on the screen at an angle that is not disturbing to the viewer. The new remote also sports a glass trackpad and volume controls. It uses a standard lightning connector for charging, which makes the statement that the device is designed for a hundred percent human comfort. It was also reported that the battery life of the fourth-generation TV lasts up to three months with only a single charge.

Apparently Apple's fourth-generation TV does not only offer the basic TV experience but also adds features of music streaming and games. Thanks to the existence of Apple app store as user can now download applications designed for the platform and use the Siri remote as controls.

Since also this year Amazon, Roku and Google are big competitors in the market, it is expected that Apple, after almost three years, will give these companies a good competition. The price tag of the device starts at $149 for the 32 GB and $199 for the 64 GB model.

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