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Pico Brew Introduced Its New Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Oct 28, 2015 12:14 AM EDT

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PicoBrew Inc introduces to the public its latest offering to bring beer brewing into homes of beer enthusiasts, the PICO.  Since its flagship award winning product is dedicated to professionals of beer brewing, the company is expanding its market and now targets the home beer craft enthusiasts.

This iteration of its flagship device is smaller and an easier version to brew beers, thus pointing out the fact that it is really a home appliance. Beer brewing amateurs will now have the chance to further their knowledge in brewing and merging their own style of beers at home.

The company's first offering, the PicoBrew Zymatic was priced at US$1,999. However, its latest product, Pico is now being offered at US$999. For those who started the campaign and pre order the product earlier, they will avail the product at a very low price of US$499.

"This is the main step in our 'get the world brewing' mission for the company," Bill Mitchell, CEO of PicoBrew said. "It's the culmination of five years of work - it's a big deal for us." 

The physical specification of the device is that it measures basically half of the Zymatic at 12 inches wide and at 31 pounds. The main goal of the device is to make the brewing experience easier, thus applying its very own PicoPak system.

Amateur brewers will be able to handpick every ingredient for brewing and will be able to purchase PicoPacks that contains the desired ingredients for crafting beers. This pack is ready to brew products and for brewers and breweries around the world.

The company also recently launched its smartphone app called Brewmarketplace, which appears to be an app store for beer. This app allows amateurs and professional around the world to contribute and develop their own PicoPacks that can receive royalty pays for products clicks. PicoPacks prices start at US$19, which can create up to 5 litres of homebrew beer.

PicoBrew plans to open international sale in the spring of 2016. The CEO of the company envisions the Pico as a 3D printer of beer in the homes, making brewing easier and more accessible to the public while brewing in style.

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