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Cow Infected With Anthrax in West Country

Nov 03, 2015 06:39 PM EST

(Photo : Reuters) Anthrax infection found in Wiltshire

It has been nine years since the last report of an anthrax-infected-animal was made known to the public. However, an assumed to be a fatal case of anthrax incident was reported just this month by authorities in Wiltshire, and the victim was an unsuspected cow.

It was first reported as an unusual case of death. However, the inspecting officials have concluded after the following day that the cause of the incident was an anthrax infection.

Incidents linked to anthrax happens after the consumption of meat from an infected animal that transmits the lethal and deadly virus to human beings. Anthrax is caused by a bacteria called  Bacillus anthracis. It was known to be used as a biological weapon since its mode of transmission is through spores that can actually make contact with humans through external physical materials such as clothing. 

The last recorded incident of anthrax in humans was in 2008. The most common symptoms of the disease are vomiting, nausea, lesions on the skin and more.

The cow that contracted the virus was properly incinerated and disposed by the authorities to secure that it won't create a breakout in the West  Wiltshire farm and to eradicate the possibility of passing it to humans, since that scenario is possible.  The incident was made known to the Public Health England and proper precautions and steps were taken to handle the grave situation.

However, Mike Wade, the deputy director of Public Health England stated that the transmission of the disease to humans is very low, giving the public an assurance that an outbreak in humans may not be possible. It was also confirmed by the government that no other animal was infected by the deadly disease. The authorities of the country also made proper steps such as partnering with other organizations and agency to deal and analyse the problem properly at the soonest time.

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