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McDonald's Fries Back in Venezuela at a Big Cost

Nov 06, 2015 12:39 AM EST


Venezuelans are in for a surprise as their beloved fries are coming back at a surprising price of 800 Bolivares, or US$133, each. After 10 long months of absence, Venezuelans can again indulge in the greasy pleasures of the famous fries of McDonalds.

The said product had a hiatus after the shortage that is currently happening in Venezuela forces the McDonalds franchises in the country to take the fries off their menus. All those months, the food company substituted certain local food products such as corn flakes or yucca fries instead of the usual fries to go with their value meals. 

            It is known that Venezuela is currently undergoing some major shortage on basic import necessities. The country's tight currency controls by the government drove the country's products into an official shortage, even the milk and poultry industry is affected. The potatoes in the Venezuelan black market are on sale for 0.64 cents, but on its official countrywide rate it would amount to US$79.

The struggle to import goods also affects most consumers, as the minimum average wage of most people is just around US$12. The hype created by the company on social media and local advertisements created a huge amount of excitement for most consumers of over 100 McDonalds store around the country. However, the price of the said product disappointed many people. In addition, the fries are not included in the meals, but rather ordered separately.

                        This sudden comeback is allegedly a political propaganda as the national elections are only four weeks away, with the possibility for the socialist party to end its winning feat for the first time. Politicians are now bent on pleasing consumers with lower prices. For now, the McDonalds parent company in Venezuela, Arcos Dorado's' spokesperson Sonia Ruseler said in disclaimers that the fries are being harvested and cultivated locally, and with a "new flavor, specially made in Venezuela."

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