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YouTube Enters The Virtual Reality World

Nov 10, 2015 05:09 AM EST


It's as if a dawn of new technology has come upon the world of YouTube as Google now makes it possible for virtual reality to be viewed on the popular video hosting site. What popularly originated in the games industry, with the ever evolving technology, creators of another medium of media such as videos are more than eager to jump on the train. Since March this year YouTube has been introducing 360 Virtual Reality videos to its audience and now its parent company, Google, is ready to fully embrace the change.

What has been always perceived as something that would take process and effort such as seeing Virtual Reality could now be browsed through the world's leading video hosting site. Although a lot of websites are already hosting Virtual Reality 360 videos, the audience that YouTube would be bringing to the table is immense and unmatched for.

This great innovation could now be viewed on YouTube, among the dozen of apps that host the same material. The 360 technology would allow the user to see, well, 360 degrees, left to right, up and down. This technology is better viewed with Google Cardboard, which would cost roughly around $50 at most. Just click the button for the VR mode on the YouTube video and place the phone in the Cardboard's slot. But for optimal experience, several gadgets are out on the market that can be a bit of investment like the ultimate VR innovator Oculus with its Oculus Rift that is set to be released next year with prices starting from $300 - a bit pricey but could be a good investment.

As this technology is still relatively new and raw, it won't be expected with full-length films, as some tech giants just released the gears, which would allow the viewers to fully experience the Virtual Reality world such as Samsung and Google. Apple has not yet released any statement in regards to its VR development but is expected soon. 

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