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IPad Pro To Replace PC

Nov 13, 2015 03:20 AM EST

iPad Pro
(Photo : idigitaltimes.com) iPad Pro Release Date Rumors Leak: Nov. 6 Launch Predicted By Chinese Insiders

The leading technology giant provider Apple devices released their device dubbed as the PC's or laptop killer iPad Pro with the device that has a smart keyboard and an Apple exclusive Pencil Stylus.

Some devices like Sony and Samsung released super large screen tablets that can outrun most of the PCs offered in the market today. Apple has already stressed that they are planning on creating a tablet that is capable of handling heavy applications and required software without trading off the aesthetics of the device. Hence, alongside with the launching of iPhone 6s and the new Apple TV is the launching of iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro sports a 12.9 inches of screen display. This is the first step taken by the company to supersize their tablet the same way they increased the sizes of their mobile phones, thus making a better type of a device.

The device offers a massive 12.9 Apple's retina display screen that is capable of high-end color reproduction of pictures at its technology's finest. The Apple's iPad Pro ruled other IOS devices with a higher screen resolution with a 5.6 million pixels. The core of the device is powered by the company's most powerful chip A9X, at a third-generation 64-bit architecture. Its power is twice of that of iPad Air 2. Hence, even the most demanding applications in the market will run smoothly with the device. This is coupled with the latest operating system of Apple iOS9 that is designed to take full advantage of the power of iPad Pro. Sound production is not a problem with the four high fidelity speaker installed in the device. It also improves security capability with the integration of Touch ID technology, making the device a lot safer than most of the devices offered in the market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook positively believes that Apple's iPad Pro is more than capable of replacing PC's. He even jokingly says that you wouldn't even bother buying a PC when iPad pro's performance can accompany the best features.

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