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Climate Change Will Send Millions To Poverty By 2030

Nov 13, 2015 03:34 AM EST

Climate change
(Photo : Reuters) Climate change debate spurs warm feelings

There are already millions of family living on the poverty line, and according to world bank organizations, the number of individuals will be added with 100 million by 2030 due to climate change. If matters concerning the environment and climate change will be taken lightly in the following years, the situation may get worse, especially in the regions of Africa and South Asia, which are considered as one of the poorest parts of the planet.

Experts say that the world governments should focus in developing reforms and climate-change development program to at least minimize or hopefully eradicate the fast approaching disaster. Without proper steps taken, the World Bank predicted that around 100 million people will be added to the poverty population that is 9.6% of the total population or around 702 million individuals as of today. Economist Stéphane Hallegatte stated that certain efforts should be taken to stabilize climate change at the same time solve the poverty problem since it affects a lot of physical factors and industries on the planet such as crop production, disastrous calamities like flies, health problems and a whole lot more.

The United Nations Climate summit in Paris has climate as a concern and issue. According to experts, the world poorest countries are not yet ready to handle this subject in the future. These sets of countries will be greatly affected by the drastic effects of climate change, and the Washington-based World Bank added that these countries have little support from their community with a very weak financial system.

First world countries led by the United States is said to pledge $100 billion dollars for developed countries to support them in the negative effects of global warming annually by 2020. For now an estimated amount of $62 billion was collected to support the undeveloped countries, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and development. In the Paris summit, developing countries will open their pleas for support and commitment of the first world countries to counter poverty caused by the damaging climate change.

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