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Brussels Under High Alert For A Terrorism Threat

Nov 22, 2015 07:02 PM EST


Just days after the Paris attack that shocked the world, a great awareness towards terrorism has ignited fear that an attack the same as that on Paris can happen in the metro, which means several explosions in different areas.

There was a circulating information that a terrorist attack is about to hit Brussels. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel issued the alert in order to raise awareness and somehow avoid a horrific disaster as in Paris were at least 130 individuals lost their lives and a hundred more injured. The government has temporarily stopped  the sporting events in the metro. The people of Brussels were also warned in going into public places as the government is doing a full sweep to ensure the safety of the community against the imminent threat before them.

Just a few days ago after the Paris attack, a circulating video on the Internet showed the ISIS accepting the responsibility for the attack and threatened to continue their attacks over different parts of the world. The Islamic state that was believed to have a post in Syria received a lot of counter attacks from France in Russia lately.The leader of France vowed to avenge the death of its constituents by obliterating the Islamic State and Russian leader consistently gave its assault, especially now that it was found out in the report that the ISIS was responsible for bringing down the Russian plane.

Belgium's Interior Minister stated that the country's situation was very serious since there has been a report of an armed man with guns and explosives was about to terrorize at several areas in the metro. But he also said that the situation was under control. And to answer the situation, Belgium's National Security Council held a meeting to counter the threat faced by the country.

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