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Kids’ Lawsuit For Climate Change Denied By Judge

Nov 22, 2015 08:27 PM EST


A lawsuit filed by young Americans has blown some steam over the fossil fuel industry and the American government. It seems like even though they failed to make a stand in the court, they have made a huge impact in the amendment of climate change law present in the state.

The case filed by the American kids against the Washington State Department of Ecology has made a little ripple in the awareness for climate change. But Judge Hollis Hill, a superior court judge of King Country, has denied the case and emphasized the fact that the state has already taken an action on the said matter. She also added that it's the state job to provide the law and take actions to protect the natural resources for the sake of the next generation.

In the case, the kids stated that they requested a new rule to limit the greenhouse emission of the different industries. However, after the case was filed in the court, Governor Jay Inlee of Washington has commanded the Department of Ecology to provide a capping emission rule for every industry present in the state since it was the department's job to create and apply this rule in the participating companies. He even emphasized the fact that it is under the Department rule to regulate the greenhouse emission of this industry. Since the rule already existed, the judge had denied the kids' request in putting another amendment to the said law.

Even though the case was denied, the lawyers of Our Children's Trust considered the judge's rule as a victory. It also signifies that petition for climate change awareness can now be localized and not only be filed in the national court, hence giving every climate change advocate the chance to submit a petition in their local court to fight and encourage climate change awareness.

The ruling also showed that the state has a legal obligation to direct its attention to global warming to apply amendments if needed within the premise of the state. This issue has ignited some global warming fighter enthusiasts and opened the opportunity of the topic to be discussed in the coming Paris Climate Conference, which will be attended by the different leaders of the world on Nov. 30 to Dec. 11.

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