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President Obama Opens Climate Change Opportunities For CEOs

Nov 22, 2015 09:13 PM EST


President Barrack Obama of the United States of America has urged the CEOs participating the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit to help the fight against climate change. The U.S. leader also stated that climate change offers great opportunities to the company generals to invest, make a profit and at the same time help the planet on the adverse effects of global warming.

The U.S. president encouraged the business leaders to integrate a renewable source of energy and reduce emission of waste materials produced by the different industries they govern. These steps are needed in order to make an international awareness and action to fight climate change. Jack Ma, the Alibaba's group of Holdings founder, has greatly agreed to the statement of the president towards the use of a clean source of energy.

The U.S. president also emphasized the great contribution of Microsoft founder and tech billionaire Bill Gates towards the investment in clean energy projects. Just recently, Gates has announced that he will use USD $2 billion into his projects to reduce emission and eschew fuels. He insisted that the current programs for clean energy today, although already cost a massive amount of money, only makes a very little contribution towards the development of clean energy. He also stated that the only way to develop a weapon against climate change is through innovation. Ma, on the other hand, added in his talk that around 0.3 percent of the revenue of their company goes to the entrepreneurs and investors that create projects to fight global warming.

President Obama's speech at the APEC summit had openly asked the chief executives to develop projects and integrate technologies that help the planet and not destroy it. He genuinely makes a stand and belief that in the long run, this will be the best for their businesses. He also stated that it is possible to grow businesses and help the planet at the same time through collaboration with their respective governments in developing projects with renewable source of energy, proper waste management and clean energy.

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