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APEC Leaders Unite To Stop Terrorism

Nov 22, 2015 09:20 PM EST

APEC summit
(Photo : Reuters) Philippine President Benigno Aquino (C) and other world leaders of the 21-member APEC summit on Nov. 19, 2015

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) held in the Philippines opened up the discussion of terrorism over the 21 leaders who are present in the event. Exemplifying by the horrific event in Paris where at least 130 people lost their lives, the leaders genuinely agreed to stop and condemn terrorism. Although the main objective of the summit was towards economic growth and nation collaboration, the terrorist events in Paris and other parts of the world have opened a discussion between the leaders to act necessarily and abruptly towards the situation.

The leaders of the different countries participating APEC have issued a decree against terrorism. Even though it has rarely been discussed in an economic summit, the current situation in the world cannot be unseen. The 21 leaders made a joint statement on the relevance of joint cooperation and other security development in every area of the world and ways on how to counter violence.

It was also stressed in the summit the great contribution of the Islamic State to the terrorist attacks happening today. The declaration of the leaders states that the leaders of the participating nations condemn all acts, practices and methods of terrorism in all its forms and manifestation. The declaration also urges every nation to stand and fight against terrorism and to develop cooperation and collaboration towards every nation in economic growth - since economic stability is the greatest tool to stress the cause of terrorism.

The continuous bombing of France and added military power of Russia visually obliterated most of the Islamic State post in Syria. This was also opened up in the discussion about battling against terrorism in the summit.

It was also stated that the leader of Syria has almost lost control of the situation since the people of the said country looked at him as a tainted dictator. The current terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut have enlightened the leaders of 21 nations in APEC to collaborate and step up in eradicating terrorism in the world - although some other countries like Russia and France have already launched their assault towards ISIS, the terrorist group that is considered by most nations as their one common enemy.

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