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Google Wil Attempt To Win Back China Next Year

Nov 22, 2015 11:45 PM EST


Google is set to launch its China version Google Play smartphone app store in the People's Republic in 2016. This is the company's major attempt to win back the mainland after stopping localized products five years ago.

In compliance with the Chinese government's laws in screening sensitive contents that might pose against the Communist party, according to reports, the Google Play app store is customized particularly for Chinese citizens alone and cannot connect with international versions. In addition, the laws necessitate the data from the app store kept only within China.

It can be recalled that in 2010, Google, part of the Alphabet Incorporated company, retreated its services following its continuous decline of self-censoring search results. The company has retained its limited presence in the country and many of its services were unavailable.

Two experts acquainted with Google's ideas reveal that a successful app store will be utilized as a rocket platform to put other services and products. But they have not decided which product would it be.

It is no secret that Google wants to get back to business with China. However, critics say Google's major services have lost its grounds among Chinese people. "There are a substantial number of free ways people get music in China that makes it difficult for any service, especially from the West, to get into the market," said technology analyst Robert Enderle.

However, according to PapayaMobile CEO Shen Si, Google's presence in China goes to show their interest in the Chinese market. "If they want to break the ice with the Chinese market then they have to pick a pretty important product to make available to the Chinese people and make it really localised," she said. "Google Play would be a really good product for that because it's not very sensitive."

Google is planning to launch its play store either after the Lunar New Year or before summer according to an insider. Another person claimed that Google would go live next year.

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