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US President Obama Vows To Defeat ISIS

Nov 23, 2015 12:00 AM EST

Asean summit in Kuala Lumpur
(Photo : Reuters) A police officer stands guard outside the venue for the 27th Asean summit in Kuala Lumpur

At the summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, United States President Barrack Obama vows to defeat ISIS and terrorism itself. The president even called all nations, including Russia, to once and for all end the terrorism and destroy the Islamic State Militant group (ISIS) that is considered as one of the masterminds of the attacks in Paris, Mali and the Russian aircraft.

Obama even stated that the American and the general public should not give in to fear with the threats given by the extremists. He emphasized that the people should not view terrorist attack in public places as something normal and views the government powerless against terrorism. "The destruction of the ISIL is a very realistic goal, which can be easily achieved with the help of our international partners, we're going to get it done and pursue it with every ounce of American power," President Obama said.

The president also urges the Russian government to hunt the terrorist group and not only limit their assaults in trying to break the opposition forces of Syrian President Assad, since it is widely known that there has been unresolved issues and conflict of interest between the two governments. The ISIS group has been apparently known to have a post in Syria and several bombs have already been deployed by the French government over the area as the answer to their brutal act in Paris.

During the event in Malaysia called as third ASEAN-US summit, the U.S. president claimed that he will attend the Paris climate summit and open talks about collaboration towards creating solutions for global warming as well as open topics about world government cooperation in destroying the Islamic militant group. The frequent strike of the extremist group cannot be unseen by the government, and proper steps should be taken to eliminate the imminent threat that creates public disturbance and worldwide fear.

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