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The Paris Climate Summit Is A Step Closer To Solving Global Warming

Nov 23, 2015 12:06 AM EST


There have been 138 world leaders that confirmed in attending the fast approaching climate talks in Paris. Just a week ago after the incident that claim at least 130 lives, a big event is about to happen in the city concerning talks about climate change that will start on Nov. 30. According to the presiding source, none of the invited world leaders has canceled his participation at the summit.

President Barrack Obama of the United States apparently urged his fellow world leaders to attend the summit, stressing the fact that the pressing issues concerning climate change are now more alarming than ever. He also stated that the leaders of every country should show the world that no fear from vicious extremist and terrorism attacks can stop them from doing the vital business concerning the welfare of the planet and its people.

The government of France gave a statement that it will not cancel the event even though another terror attack overshadows the summit and commits a full act of responsibility towards the whole duration of the talks - given that the product of this summit will greatly contribute towards the improvement and cooperation of every country in battling global warming.

The summit will open talks about curbing steps, solutions and the first of its kind deal, committing all the nations to taking action for climate change starting in 2020. It is estimated that about 40,000 delegates, journalist and observers will attend the event. Security matters are being handled by the French government, and steps have already been taken in order to maintain peace and order in the capital during the event. 

The prime Minister of France Manuel Valls has confirmed that all invited leaders are coming into the event, which includes President Obama of the USA, Xi Jinping of China, Varela of Panama and Prime Minister Putin of Russia. Leaders of the different nations view the coming Paris Climate Summit as a step closer towards countering climate change.

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