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PS4 Passed The 30 Million Mark And Leads The Race

Nov 25, 2015 11:42 PM EST

(Photo : Reuters) Sony's PS4 tops Xbox One as gamers' holiday choice

The gaming industry has certainly generated a serious amount of dollars over the years. Companies such as Sony and Microsoft have gained a big amount of profits in their gaming division with its almost yearly updates and game creations. The Giant tech company Sony has revealed that it has sold more than 30.2 million of Ps4 consoles worldwide.

It is quite visible that Sony is the leading gaming console company on the market today. Although companies like Nintendo and Microsoft have yet to announce their total share, it is quite evident which company dominates the gaming console race. The PS4 has outsold its predecessor by a large margin. As of November, It was revealed that PS4 has sold more than 20 million in March, and the company is continuing to aim and ship a total of 17.5 million gaming console before the fiscal year ends. It has been 2 years since the console was launched, and certainly the gaming populous has received the product positively.

The analysts estimated that Microsoft Xbox One has sold a total of 15.6 million units and Nintendo's Wii U 10.9 million, and these numbers show how far ahead the Sony's Ps4 is in the race of gaming console. Although those numbers are not official yet, since there has been no update on the current sales of the device.

On the other hand, Microsoft announced that its Xbox One is the number one selling gaming console in the market and Halo 5 as the best selling game. But numbers don't lie and the company hasn't released any hard numbers at the moment unlike Sony.

Sony Entertainment Corp. CEO Andrew House stated how grateful they are to the gaming community that patronizes their products and made it number one in the world. The tech company is preparing for its release of their virtual reality headset named PlayStation VR next year as a sign of their appreciation for users.

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