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Google To Donate $1 Million During The Holiday Season

Nov 26, 2015 01:03 AM EST

Google Campaign
(Photo : Reuters) Google Holiday Campaign , announced that they would donate up to US$1 million for every financial transaction paid by the use of Android Pay

The giant company Google is feeling the spirit of giving this holiday season. The company announced that they would donate up to USD $1 million for every financial transaction paid by the use of Android Pay in November until the end of 2015. Given that the company has earned a lot during the whole year, there has yet an update on their yearly gross, and it is willing to give back towards the community.

As a way to launch its new mobile payment solution that provides ease to the users in handling their financial transactions, the company announced that it will give donations to the special educational projects in partnership with Donorschoose.org. Not long ago, Google also has a stint-like campaign named an Application One Today. This app allows the user to donate USD $1 in every application download. Sadly, the campaign garnered at most 100,000 downloads only. Apparently, not too many users are into giving, or maybe it was not advertised thoroughly by the company. Nevertheless, that stint by Google has helped different foundations in need of financial support.

The benefactor of this year's Google campaign is the different institutions that conduct special educational projects. Its campaign is understandable to go to special projects that involve innovations and developmental researches. Android Pay like Apple Pay is an NFC-based payment method that is simple and a secure way in paying with the use of Android phones that support NFC. Most of the phones created today has NFC features. Unfortunately, some old models don't have. Hence, the application may not be applicable to them. This app allows tap to pay at the point of sale.

There will be an equivalent of USD $1 donation in every transaction using Android pay. And during the Black Friday this amount of donation will be doubled. This act of kindness may not be as charitable as it seems, since this is also a way that users will be used in using the Google Pay as a means of transaction.

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