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Canada Warming Twice Than Most Parts Of The World

Nov 27, 2015 02:17 AM EST

Canadian Governement on Climate change
(Photo : Reuters) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gestures as he speaks during a news conference

Climate change has brought a drastic effect in the world. Scientists say that Canada has warmed more rapidly than most parts of the planet. According to environment scientist Greg Flato and director Alain Bourque, global warming caused Canada to warm twice than other areas.

The World government is quite aware of the negative effects of global warming. However, as Canada has been suffering of this effect twice than other countries, the government has not taken the situation lightly. That's why it is one of the topics that they have discussed during their conference headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

The scientist has shown evidence as well as the possible effects of global warming that awaits Canada. These were presented during the conference, which is also a week before the Climate Summit in Paris. Director Bourque stated that climate change means more forest fires, deadly heat waves and droughts during summer. This scenario, if taken lightly, may lead the way to loss of properties of the state and endangering the life of the Canadian population. That is why American President Barrack Obama has urged every leader of the world to fight and solve global warming.

Bourque also stressed the fact that majority of the cause of climate change should be blamed on the burning of fossil fuels. He also stated that the effects of climate change will affect the planet for years, and its traces are more than difficult to erase since greenhouse gasses are persistent, and oceans all over the world are warming.

Environment scientist Flato said that minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases is the utmost important in order to stabilize the temperature and minimize its effects at least. However, he has not made any comment on what policy should be undertaken to make things possible.

The Canadian government has requested the scientist to brief them about the possible effects of global warming and what solutions should be taken. The conference, which consists of the Premiers and Prime minister, was successfully executed, and various steps have been taken to counter the problem at hand. It is also a way of the Canadian government to be ready for the Paris Climate Summit.

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